Ambassador companies are effective members of the WiM Association and support the efforts made at international level by the WiM Association and at national level by national coordinators and Observers.

With their leadership, their social responsibility commitment and their notable wine brands, they spread the Wine in Moderation message of Art de Vivre across the world, while further promoting the values and principles of Wine in Moderation.

Ambassador Companies work in close collaboration with the national WiM coordinators and the WiM Association and play a critical role in the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre programme. Wherever a WiM National Coordinator does not exist, an Ambassador Company can take WiM actions and support the establishment of the programme in the respective country, in close liaison and coordination with the WiM Association.

By becoming ambassador companies, leading wine companies participate in a tangible and visible Corporate Social Responsibility programme, reinforcing the leadership in social responsibility in the wine category in more than 25 countries where Wine in Moderation is active.

Furthermore, as effective members of the WiM Association, they will be actively shaping the social responsibility movement of the wine sector.

Learn how to become an Ambassador Company.

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